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This page is dedicated to my brewig equipment and how it all works together. Right now, I am just begining the planning and aquisition phase of my brewery. Before I really start dropping dime, I want to have a fairly stable plan of what the final brewery will be.

That said, I have started with a few purchases to get me started with my extract brewing, all of which will eventually be repurposed within my all-grain brewery buildout.

The List:

  • Half Barrel Sanke Kegs (2) – Future boil kettle and mash tun
  • Pony Keg – Currently in use as my primary fermenter (with a modified dip tube to leave the yeast cake)
  • Keg Coupler – with quick disconnects which I use to rack in and out of my primary, also as a blowoff fitting
  • Kettlevalve and Kettlescreen – about to be installed in my boil kettle. If it works out, gonna use it in my mlt as well
  • March 809 Pump – used for liquid transfer
  • Plate Chiller – used to cool the wort from the boil kettle before fermentation. Got a really good deal from some biodiesel shop 🙂
  • Cornie Kegs (4) – used to store and serve, also as secondary fermenters
  • 5# CO2 Tank – no explanation really necessary
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